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All orders are paid using e-transfer in order to keep our prices as low as possible. Use our order page to place your order and then send your e-transfer to All orders will be sent out as soon as possible following receipt of payment. 

– Must be a registered Medical Patient in order to make purchases online – 

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Future 1 - Flower Rosin | 72% THC

The Future 1 flower we used to make this batch was cured and aged with very special care. This flower was organically grown and within a perfect indoor environment. It is a rare circumstance when an exceptional and clean product can be squeezed into pure rosin creating a product that resembles all that the plants have expressed.

We then further age this rosin to transform it into a profile you won’t find elsewhere.

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This is a single batch and will not be manufactured again. Enjoy this one and only batch of Future 1 Flower Rosin while it lasts. 

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** 400g specially reserved for our medical patients.

RETAIL PRICE: $55.00/g

Add $15 to all orders for shipping anywhere in Canada

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