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Full spectrum recreational & medical cannabis products made from sun-grown cannabis and solventless concentrate


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Pure maple syrup combined with pure full spectrum rosin to make an all natural product that is a perfect slow release lozenge and makes easy work of infusing your favorite food and drinks.

Made using water sifted resin that is double       filtered and pressed under low heat. Homogenized and cured at room temperature to create a terpene rich and shelf-stable product.

Hand-rolled flower, on a rosin covered king sized zig-zag, avg. 40% THC, and a burn time of 20 minutes. Very potent and best suited for x6 people but perfect for relighting & all day use.  

Made from fresh live resin that has been gently water sifted and freeze dried to touch. Pressed under low heat, we open the resin heads and meld them together curing.

A scientifically formulated recipe of natural products best suited to assist the body in absorbing our full spectrum rosin. Spray it  directly under your tongue, on food, or in your drinks. 

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About Our Company

Here are Greenherb Farms we have 3 acres of outdoor canopy that allows us to cultivate a variety of cannabis genetics, pheno-hunt new cultivars, and run large enough crops to produce large batches of high quality fresh frozen cannabis. We are focused on producing solventless concentrates with full-spectrum profiles to give our consumers a proper entourage effect.

We specialize in Live Hashish, Live Hash Rosin, Aged Hashish, and Aged Rosin. We prioritize quality in all aspects of our profession and our customers can always expect pure untainted cannabis products. We are first and foremost a family company with strong roots and lots of ambition. Our mission is simple, we want our customers to be satisfied every time. 

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Reserved for Research

Enjoy Cannabis Sampling Research now available in our Chillum Lounge event space here at the farm. Simply register for the date of your choice, pay a small admin fee, join us on site for your scheduled date and time.




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